What are the characteristics of the mobile air sterilizer?

by:Funglan     2022-01-15

There are four traditional air disinfection principles, physical, chemical, plasma (high-energy ion) and composite. Generally speaking, the air sterilizer that uses multiple purification and disinfection methods at the same time will have better purification effect. For example, large particulate matter such as gray layer, odor, and pollen can be filtered through physical purification; while harmful gases such as allergic substances, virus infections, and formaldehyde require plasma purification. So what are the characteristics of the mobile air sterilizer? The following editor will introduce it to you.

What are the characteristics of the mobile air sterilizer:

1. The most mature circulating wind ultraviolet sterilization and disinfection technology is adopted.

2. The irradiation dose is large, and the range of killing bacteria and viruses is wide.

3. Nano photocatalyst antibacterial net, super decomposes harmful flora.

4. Activated carbon air filtration and negative ion generation, efficient dust removal, elimination of odors, and air purification.

5. The inner tank adopts a mirror reflector to enhance the sterilization effect.

6. Beautiful appearance, safe and reliable.

7. The use of ozone-free ultraviolet lamps and anti-ultraviolet leakage devices can carry out continuous and dynamic disinfection in the presence of people, and there is no residual toxicity.

8. It can work continuously for 6000 hours.

9. Automatic fault prompt, high voltage overcurrent protection.

10. Automatic disinfection plus temporary disinfection.

11. A variety of models meet your needs for air disinfection in different occasions.

12. Through testing, the sterilization rate is over 99.9%.

The above content is an introduction to the characteristics of mobile air sterilizers. Compared with cabinet air sterilizers, mobile air sterilizers are much smaller in size and use indoor air circulation. In the wind mode, the air is introduced into the machine to directly kill bacteria, reduce indoor air pollution, and improve air quality. During disinfection, people do not need to leave the disinfection place, so it will not cause any harm to the human body.

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