What are the classifications of wall-mounted plasma air disinfection machines? How to choose? Do you want price or environmental protection, or both?

by:Funglan     2021-03-07
It can be classified according to the operating principle or the installation method.   is classified into three categories according to the operating principle: air disinfection machines for physical factors, air disinfection machines for chemical factors, and air disinfection machines for other factors.   According to the device method, it is classified into four categories: cabinet type, mobile cabinet type, embedded, wall-mounted ion air sterilizer.  According to the principle of operation, it is classified into: air disinfection machines with physical factors: use electrostatic adsorption, filtering skills and ultraviolet rays to kill or remove microorganisms in the air, and reach the disinfection requirements. Such as electrostatic adsorption air sterilizer, high efficiency filter (HEPA), ultraviolet air sterilizer, etc.  Chemical factor air disinfection machine: Use the generated chemical factor to kill microorganisms in the air, and the air sterilizer that meets the disinfection requirements is only used for disinfection of indoor air without people. Such as chlorine dioxide air disinfection machine, ozone air disinfection machine, hydrogen peroxide air sterilizer, peracetic acid air disinfection machine, etc.   Air disinfection machines with other factors: use other factors to kill microorganisms in the air and reach the disinfection requirements, such as plasma air disinfection machines, photocatalyst air disinfection machines, etc.   Wall-mounted plasma air disinfection machine has the following four advantages compared with traditional ultraviolet circulating air disinfection machine:    1. High-efficiency bactericidal plasma sterilization effect is extremely strong, and the action time is short, which is far less than high-intensity ultraviolet rays.   2. Environmentally-friendly plasma sterilization and disinfection work continuously, without generating ultraviolet rays, ozone, and avoiding secondary pollution of the environment. 3. While the high-efficiency degradable plasma disinfection machine disinfects the air, it can also degrade the harmfulness in the air. According to the test report of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the degradation rate within 24 hours: 91% of formaldehyde, 93% of benzene, 78% of ammonia , Xylene 96%. At the same time, it can efficiently remove smoke, smoke and other pollutants.   Fourth, the power of the low-energy plasma air disinfection machine is 1/3 of that of the ultraviolet disinfection machine, which is very energy-efficient. For a 150m3 room, plasma machine 150W, ultraviolet machine 450W or more, saving more than 1,000 yuan a year in electricity costs. 5. Long service life Under normal use, the plasma sterilizer has a designed service life of 15 years, while the ultraviolet sterilizer is only 5 years. 6. Putting into the UV disinfection machine for life-long consumables for about 2 years needs to replace a batch of lamps, and the cost is nearly 1,000 yuan. The plasma disinfection machine requires no consumables for life. In summary, the depreciation cost of the plasma air disinfection machine for normal operation is about 1,000 yuan/year, while the relative depreciation cost of the ultraviolet disinfection machine is about 4,000 yuan/year. In addition, the plasma disinfection machine is very environmentally friendly and harmless to medical staff and patients. Therefore, it is very wise to choose a plasma disinfection machine for air disinfection.
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