What are the factors of the price of medical air disinfection machine

by:Funglan     2021-02-26
What are the factors that determine the price of medical air disinfection machines? Let me introduce you from several aspects.  In real life, when we buy a medical air disinfector, we will consider its price and product performance, and how much convenience it brings us. So what are the factors that determine the price? What are the problems that need to be paid attention to in the process of use? Sankang Wang summarized related problems in his usual work for your reference:    When purchasing a medical air disinfection machine, it will affect it. Various factors of price:    1. The filter material brings a super purification effect, like the HEPA high-density filter material on the market is very good, the ability to adsorb pollutants above 0.3 microns is as high as 99.9%, which is better than other filter materials The effect is better.  2. Circulating air volume   According to the appropriate area, select the relevant medical air disinfection machine to achieve the corresponding disinfection and purification ability. We will recommend suitable products for customers according to customer requirements and room size.  3. Service life  As the HEPA filter becomes saturated, its adsorption capacity will decrease. Consumers should choose a medical air disinfection machine that automatically prompts for replacement. The medical air sterilizer will automatically alarm when the filter is replaced or malfunctions.  4. Room layout    The air inlet and outlet of the medical air disinfection machine have air outlets from all sides, and there are also unidirectional air inlets and outlets. Customers can choose the corresponding products according to the room layout. 5. Customers need to choose an air disinfection machine according to their needs. HEPA has a strong purification and disinfection function for smoke, suspended particles, bacteria, and viruses. Activated carbon adsorption has a good effect on peculiar smells and harmful gases. Negative ions have active oxygen health care and beauty functions. , But does not have the functions of sterilization, disinfection and formaldehyde removal.  6. u200bu200bMotor and power  The quality of the motor directly affects the noise of the product. The sound of brushless DC motors in the market is much lighter than that of AC motors. From the perspective of noise and energy saving, it is better to use brushless DC motors. 7. The problem of continuous purification and control. Harmful substances such as formaldehyde in the room cannot be volatilized in a short time. Some of the incubation period can be as long as five to eight years. Everyone can continue to turn on the medical air disinfection machine when using the medical air sterilizer. control time.   How to use the medical air disinfection machine:    1. Insert the power plug of the machine into the 220v power socket, and lightly press the switch to turn on the power of the machine.   2. If the machine needs to be stopped immediately during the working process, press the stop key or switch key. 3. Wind speed selection: The wind speed of this machine is available in three gears: high, medium and low, generally the effect is better;    4. Wind speed adjustment: press the wind direction key to adjust the wind direction of the machine at will, generally you should choose automatic wind direction or long-distance wind direction .   5. Sterilization time setting: every day regular cycle disinfection is completed by the programmable controller, and it is appropriate to disinfect for 1 to 2 hours at a time.  6. u200bu200bThe program controller can control the machine to turn on and off automatically according to your scheduled time, and the temporary timer can control the machine to shut down automatically. Precautions for the use of medical air disinfection machine:    1. Non-professionals do not open the front cover to prevent electric shock;     2. Doors and windows should be closed during product use to reduce personnel access;     3. Please unplug the power supply when the product is not used for a long time. Anti-leakage;    4. Strictly place the place safely to prevent rain and moisture from affecting the product performance;     5. The battery of the medical air disinfection machine needs to be replaced when the LCD display is clear;     6. Use and contact to install and operate in accordance with the instructions, pay attention to electrical safety ;  7. The product has been used continuously for 1000 hours, and the filter cloth and ultraviolet lamp need to be cleaned;    8. If abnormal odor or lamp damage is found in use, turn off the power switch immediately;   9. Do not put the remote control In a high temperature and high humidity environment, avoid affecting the life and normal use of the remote device.
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