What are the functional characteristics of plasma air sterilization machine

by:Funglan     2020-10-21
Plasma air sterilization machine what are the functional characteristics of plasma air sterilization machine, namely to disinfect the air sterilization machine. Plasma electrostatic dust removal technology is sterilization through the pressure ionization device low current high voltage pulse power, the formation of ultra high frequency pulse discharge, ground state get enough energy of gas and ion oxide airborne bacteria and viruses. TVOC materials and particle, etc. , in under the action of coulomb force, the dust in the air to the electric displacement integration, realize the air disinfection sterilization, dust purification. In addition to kill bacteria, viruses, mold, spores, such as the so-called sterilization, also can remove the formaldehyde in the indoor air, phenol etc organic pollutant, but also can kill or filtering pollen allergy source, etc. At the same time, the tobacco smoke, and smoke, bad smell of toilet, body odor, remove. Can be in some cases, to dynamic air disinfection, realize human-machine operation, without any harm to the body. The functions and features: 1. With the whole life is timing functions; 2. Built-in activated carbon network environment odor smell; 3. Built-in photocatalytic filter ( TiO2) Antibacterial, decomposition environment harmful gases; 4. The built-in high concentration increment anion generator, release negative ions purify air control particulates; 5. Unique dual channel out of the wind structure with axial flow fan circulation air supply; 6. Equipped with special armrest, prevent slippery armrest, push-pull freely, it is more convenient to move. 7. Rapid disassembly type tuyere and filter, convenient for daily cleaning maintenance; 8. A spare uv tube start device, the competent failure for automatic tube support; 9. Uv lamp, fan, anion fault automatic detection, human voice alarm; 10. With automatic display uv work hints and fault indicating device; 11. Controlled by microcomputer, big screen Chinese language display LCD, touch screen operation, the human-computer interaction more convenient; 12. Using super strength, long life, high standard C band ( At 253. 7海里) Ozone ultraviolet circulation wind anti-bacterial anti-virus; 13. Air flow pattern, according to the working state wind speed high, medium and low freedom of choice, the direction of the wind can be adjusted freely; 14. Touch type control panel temporary and program-controlled automatic disinfection disinfection functions of setting, can be arbitrary set switch machine time; 15. Imports of the main control chip, with clock chip, work stable and reliable; 16. Super far infrared remote control receiver, remote monitoring control, about 45 degrees of arbitrary control, remote control design with loss prevention function; Environment, scope of application: the critically ill patient infant environment, expensive equipment environment, flammable explosion-proof environment, unattended environment, the environment, such as disinfection at night. Dynamic air disinfection machine, man-machine coexistence disinfection machine, price concessions, quality goods delivery, after sales throughout the country. Medical air sterilizer top side, representative of air disinfection equipment. Air disinfection to amount to mark, and to avoid secondary pollution of the environment, have to guarantee the indoor space to achieve a zero harm, plasma air sterilization machine is a good choice. Plasma air sterilization machine can be divided into cabinet, wall and ceiling type, and in the central air conditioning air disinfector. Advantage good man-machine coexist, dynamic disinfection, it highlighted the strikingly beautiful appearance, both inside and outside and repair the artistic attainments, use a metal plate body, with large crystal panel, compared with the general & quot; Air conditioning ark & quot; , administrative levels feeling more detail, the safety performance is higher, don't burn. The machine disinfection system installed in the best wind channel, strengthen system with disinfection. Cabinet put oneself in another's position on the back is open type design, simple and convenient maintenance.
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