What are the maintenance types of medical air disinfection machines

by:Funglan     2021-03-16
What are the maintenance types of medical air disinfection machines? Medical air sterilizer manufacturers will introduce to you.  Common medical air sterilizer, after long-term use, it is necessary to ensure the effectiveness of the machine through maintenance. After using the medical plasma air sterilizer for a long time, the filter of the medical air sterilizer may have a large amount of dust particles and bacteria attached to it. At this time, the filter element needs to be professionally replaced, cleaned and maintained.   Make an appointment for on-site maintenance online, and conduct centralized professional cleaning and disinfection of recycled consumables to ensure long-term and effective air purification quality. Medical air disinfection machine maintenance type 1. Basic maintenance panel (grid + display) and inner and outer frame: During long-term use, dust will be deposited in the ventilation part of the panel. According to incomplete statistics, the surface dust will exceed 0.15mm if it is not cleaned for a year , Thereby reducing ventilation and increasing energy consumption.  2, deep maintenance    dust separator: mainly used for filtering particulate matter, etc., during long-term use, all filters are deposited in the corresponding grid. Need to go through the process of initial washing, enzyme washing, drying, and low temperature sterilization. What is the principle of the low-temperature plasma air sterilizer? Plasma: When used for a long time, a layer of biofilm will be formed on the surface. Simple cleaning methods can only remove surface dust and visible particles. It must be disinfected at high levels with strong acids and alkalis, or High and low temperature sterilization treatment can completely kill the attached microorganisms. Primary, medium, and high-efficiency filter: long-term use will make the activated carbon lose its activity, and it does not have filtering or adsorption functions and is replaced during maintenance.  3, movement maintenance   has professional cleaning and disinfection equipment and cleaning and disinfection traceability management system, strict production process, efficient operation system, strict quality standards and control, etc. to provide services for movement maintenance. Medical: operating room, infectious ward, ICU, NICU, transfer room, convalescence ward, inpatient ward, office, living and public areas and other family residences: living room, bedroom, study, bathroom, kitchen and other commercial public: office building, commercial center, government Office buildings, banks, clubs, coffee shops, hotels, airports, stations, schools, libraries, etc. The above articles are about the maintenance types of medical air disinfection machines. Welcome to buy our air disinfection products.
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