What are the precautions for mobile air sterilizers?

by:Funglan     2022-01-15

In order to provide the elderly and children with a healthy and good living space, most families will purchase an air sterilizer, and a good air sterilizer generally adopts the work process of disinfection first and then purification and sterilization. It makes the environment we disinfect cleaner, and brings a lot of convenience and sense of security to our lives. So what are the precautions for mobile air sterilizers? Let me introduce to you below.

What are the precautions for the mobile air sterilizer:

1. The sterilizer should be powered by a single-phase three-hole grounded socket, with a power supply of 220V and a frequency of 50Hz;

2. When the sterilizer is not used for a long time or in case of lightning, please unplug the power plug from the power socket, and the battery in the remote control should also be removed if the sterilizer is not used for a long time;

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3. The sterilizer is strictly prohibited from being exposed to rain and moisture. When cleaning the surface, it should avoid direct contact with water or washing to prevent electric shock or short circuit of electrical components;

4. When the sterilizer is working, there is high pressure in the machine, and non-professionals should not disassemble the machine;>

6. Before repairing and maintaining the sterilizer, the power supply should be cut off;

7. If abnormal conditions are found, such as abnormal noise, odor, lamp damage, etc., the power supply should be cut off immediately, and the Notify the equipment management department or the manufacturer's professionals for maintenance.

The above content is an introduction to the precautions for the mobile air sterilizer. The mobile air sterilizer mainly has two major functions: air disinfection and air purification. Disinfection and double purification eliminate secondary pollution. Among them, in the air disinfection, the sterilization technology of fully enclosed ultraviolet photocatalyst is used. After the photocatalyst is irradiated with ultraviolet rays of a specific wavelength, it is excited at the same time, which can effectively catalyze the decomposition of pollutants in the air, so as to do a good job in purification in one step.

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