What are the university questions in the air disinfection machine filter system

by:Funglan     2021-03-13
In the overall structure of the air sterilizer, the role of the filter system is huge. Generally speaking, the filter layer of the conventional air sterilizer mainly has the following five layers, namely:   1. Coarse filter: blocking the air Larger particles can be washed and used repeatedly.  2. Electrostatic dust collection device: collect suspended small particles, such as smoke, pollen, large dust mites and bacteria.   3. Activated carbon: It absorbs gaseous organic pollutants caused by peculiar smell in the air or decoration. The service life is generally three to six months and needs to be replaced regularly.  4. High-efficiency filter: Filters a small amount of remaining suspended small particles. The service life is generally 3 to 6 months and needs to be replaced regularly.  5. Photocatalytic reactor: filter bacteria, dust mites, peculiar smell and gaseous pollutants that are not filtered by other layers to react into other non-hazardous substances, reducing the original harmful substances. It is precisely because of the advantages in structure that the air sterilizer has attracted more and more attention and welcome from the market. Nanchang Yangfan Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specializing in the design, research and development and sales of air disinfection machines. The disinfection machine is specially designed for the coexistence of man and machine. It can be disinfected when there are people, and there will be no peculiar smell during the disinfection process, and any radiation is avoided. The ultraviolet rays are completely sealed inside the machine during the operation When the concentration of ozone in the air is ≤0.1mg/m?, it is far lower than the national standard of 0.15mg/m?. In addition to the combination of multiple disinfection functions, the air disinfection machine has another highlight, which is the use of program-controlled disinfection methods, plug in the power source, and fully automatic control. It is a microcomputer automatic operation controller without human operation. (Timed disinfection time is factory set, if you need to change the disinfection time period, you can set it yourself) In addition to the specified time period, you can also perform temporary disinfection manually. When disinfection is needed, you can directly press the disinfection button, and the machine also wears infrared rays. The company has many years of environmental protection product development, production and sales of talents. The company relies on the market and takes the needs of users as the criterion. While giving full play to its own advantages, it continuously introduces advanced technology and new management methods at home and abroad. The tenet of 'protecting the environment, contributing to society, benefiting mankind' and the enterprise spirit of 'people-oriented, pioneering and innovative, diligent and diligent' actively provide the society with new and good applicable environmental protection equipment and disinfection and purification products.
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