What are wall-mounted air disinfection machine installation techniques

by:Funglan     2020-11-05
What are the skills wall-mounted air disinfection machine installation, small make up take a look at with the environment. We all know that home air conditioning wall of that kind of, is also hanging, installation location needless to say is the same choice! See below installation requirements: wall-mounted air sterilizer installation requirements: 1. The side of at least 200 mm away from the walls, more than 150 mm from smallpox; 2. Installation environment should consider to moisture, to avoid some unexpected problems; 3. Each machine should be user side 50 hz three-phase voltage and 220 v power socket. Installation method: 1. Choose the right installation location; 2. Before installing measuring good wall-mounted air disinfection machine hanging at the bottom of the hole distance; 3. The expansion screws into measuring good hole; 4. Pay attention to the installation position of the socket to ensure that within a wall-mounted air disinfection machine plug wire length; 5. All preparations were made, to raise a wall-mounted air disinfection machine mounted on the wall has been prepared to hang on the nail, installed. See this you must ask, so simple and you say, a = words things around so long. Simple answer: indeed, relative to the two words can be installed at any time, also need not allowed before installation. But if YiLiangBaiTai, not a placeholder of reasonable plan and before installation and preparation, not only inefficient, but also delay the progress. Selective advantage: with thick male manufacturing strength, belonging to Da An Gene Co. , ltd. of Sun Yat - Sen University, owns several respectively engaged in mould, environmental equipment, sheet metal processing, metal, plastic products, services to affiliated hospital of zhongshan University, nanjing general hospital, Shanghai tongji hospital of the Chinese people's liberation army, the center of huizhou city of guangdong province people's hospital, the first affiliated hospital of Yin branch in guangzhou, guangdong province, such as a well-known hospital. Has a senior r&d team, r&d by a more than 10 years engaged in air purification industry engineers, and hired professor has 30 years experience of air environmental governance as a r&d engineer. In 2014, the development of the world's first semiconductor technology disinfector, innovation national invention patent. Really high quality products. Every air purification equipment, environmental production through the provincial center for disease control and prevention, centers for disease control and prevention, micro detection and health supervision bureau approval. With high purifying, low noise, environmental protection and energy saving etc. , the main electric field can be used more than 20 years. And maintenance is very convenient, simply rinse immediately with water contaminated parts.
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