What do I need to know about buying an air disinfector?

by:Funglan     2021-03-02
The 'New National Standard' for air purifiers has been implemented for one year, and many consumers have an understanding of the performance, product advantages, filter structure, production technology, and service advantages of air disinfection machines.   Today, when people are pursuing a quality of life, air disinfection products are not only dependent on appearance to survive. So how to choose an air sterilizer? Let's take a look at the following analysis of the 'five skills'.  一, the editor reminds that consumers should have more knowledge about air disinfection machines and pay attention to 'three highs and one low'. In the process of selecting air purifier products, the main reference is the product’s particulate matter CADR value, air purifier air volume, and noise impact. These three core issues. Among them, the higher the particulate matter CADR value and air purifier air volume, the higher the air purifier. The better the overall performance and the lower the noise, the better the user experience (the new national standard stipulates that the sleep mode of air purifier products cannot be higher than 20 decibels). These three core issues are called 'three highs and one low' in the industry. So in the selection process, try to compare as many brands as possible, so as to choose according to your own needs.  Wall-mounted air sterilizer  2, the cumulative purification volume of the product The cumulative purification volume of the air purifier product (also called CCM) refers to the volume of clean air produced by consuming 1 kilowatt-hour of electricity. The cumulative purification volume of air disinfection machines is an important criterion for testing product quality, so in the process of purchasing, we must pay attention to the CCM value of the product. The new national standard has relevant regulations on the CCM value index of air purifier products. For details, please refer to the relevant regulations of the new national standard.   Three, purification life, the purification life of air disinfection machine, mainly depends on three factors. First, the service life of the filter. The overall filtering effect is mainly dependent on the filter to purify the harmful substances in the air. Under normal circumstances, the filter needs to be replaced after a certain period of use. As for the length of time for replacement, this should take into account the quality of the air disinfector filter and the frequency of product use. The second is the motor. The function of the motor is to pump air, so that the indoor air is continuously circulated, so as to filter through the filter, plasma electrostatic dust removal, ultraviolet disinfection and other technologies. If the quality of the motor is not good enough, then this product will not be effective. Fourth, the effect of sterilization and disinfection The reason why many users choose air disinfection products, they are mainly concerned about the ability to remove bacteria, viruses, and microorganisms in the indoor space. Normally, it is calculated in cubic meters per hour. Weiyi Environment does this in this regard very nice.  Fifth, service issues When consumers choose a brand, service is also a core standard for reference, because after good service, there will be a better guarantee when using air disinfection products in the future. Weiyi Environment not only provides high-quality products, but also provides comprehensive after-sales service. Obtain the trust of a large number of consumers. Such as: after-sales problems, product maintenance, filter replacement, etc. Summary: Choosing an air disinfection machine requires careful observation and comparison, and a summary of relevant information is used to select a suitable product. The performance of the air disinfection machine is caused by a variety of factors, and related policies are also regulated, so you must understand the performance of the product and your own needs before making a choice.
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