What is the difference between a medical air purifier and a home

by:Funglan     2021-03-20
Many people have a question, why do you have to add the word medical in front of your air purifier, called medical air purifier, so many people feel that it is used in hospitals and not suitable for home use. It is used for disinfection, and the air purifier used in the home only needs to be simple. The home environment is not as bad as the hospital.   In fact, there are no fewer pollutants at home than hospitals. In recent years, the global climate, environment, and domestic climate and environmental pollution have become increasingly serious, and the degree of air pollution cannot be underestimated. Although the country has issued a series of policies to close, stop, merge and transfer many polluting enterprises, the air quality is still very poor, and the number of cloudy weather is increasing year by year, bringing many difficulties and inconveniences to people's work and life. Including the continuous outbreak of deadly flu, hand, foot and mouth disease and other infectious viruses, smoke, formaldehyde, etc., the use of medical air purifiers is very necessary.     Ordinary air purifiers are just fans and filters, which will have a certain impact on PM 2.5. However, medical air purifiers must be used to remove infectious bacteria and natural bacteria. Medical air purifier adopts semiconductor disinfection and purification technology, built-in double-layer filter, double-layer semiconductor ionization device, high-intensity photocatalytic generator and high-power fan, which can handle up to 1,500 air volumes per hour. It also has intelligent microcomputer control, automatic detection of air quality, automatic switching, energy saving and environmental protection. The medical air purifier can not only remove 100 kinds of formaldehyde and TVOC in PM 2.5, but the removal rate of other harmful substances can also reach 90%. In addition, in terms of bactericidal performance, the killing rate of natural bacteria is 99.99%, which can almost kill the bacteria and viruses used, and directly kill the bacterial spores without causing secondary pollution. All of these data have inspection reports from authoritative departments above the provincial level and are credible. From the overall situation, medical air purifier is actually a professional air purifier with high disinfection and purification effect. It can truly achieve complete air purification, including: removing PM 2.5, killing bacteria and viruses, and removing harmful The other three aspects.
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