What is the price of medical air disinfection machines on the market

by:Funglan     2021-03-25
How the price of medical air disinfection machines on the market is under the environmental air pollution, making medical air disinfection machines more and more popular, they are no longer exclusive supplies for hospitals, and are gradually moving to various places, such as schools and offices. Yes, there are currently three conventional air sterilizer styles on the market, wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted and mobile. The overall price is not particularly high. Some hospitals have fewer departments in the ward, and do not need high-power air sterilizers, but some of the same size as our air conditioners can meet the use of a ward, that is, our wall-mounted, such as some medical air sterilizers The price is not particularly high, so if the general hospital needs it, the overall cost of purchasing is not particularly high. The main reason is that its overall use effect is very good. It is especially suitable for some departments specializing in the treatment of respiratory diseases. It is very good. Why is there a gap in the price of some medical air disinfection machines on the market. Like the wall-mounted one, there are more than 1,000 and three or four thousand. What are the differences between the two? When we choose, we can judge according to the following four types: 1. What kind of material is used? Some are made of plastic, and there are many kinds of plastic. Some are made of sheet metal or stainless steel. Obviously sheet metal is much stronger than plastic. 2. The shape and size of the product itself. Shape and size have a vital impact on the manufacturing process, assembly process, and production cost, and the impact on quality is particularly important. 3. Manufacturing process The choice of materials determines the manufacturing process of the product and plays an important role in production costs and environmental impact. 4. Cost The cost of material selection not only refers to the cost of purchase, but also plays a decisive role in the manufacturing cost, recycling cost, and quality of the material.
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