What is the principle of low temperature plasma air disinfection machine?

by:Funglan     2021-03-31
What is an air disinfector? The following editor will introduce to you: The working principle of air sterilizer is a machine that combines filters and various air purification technologies. So what is a low-temperature plasma air disinfection machine? Low-temperature plasma technology can use technologies such as pre-charged dust collection, catalytic purification, and negative ion generation to solve the problems of removing total suspended particles, removing various harmful gases, and adjusting ion balance. According to the above-mentioned low-temperature plasma air purification principle, an air purifier suitable for indoor use can be developed. The air purifier adopts a modular structure. The main part includes a pre-charged dust collection unit, a catalytic purification unit and an ion generating unit. The auxiliary part includes a sensing unit and a central control unit. The sensing unit can monitor the environment in real time. The content of harmful gas components, and the monitoring results are notified to the central control unit. The central control unit will automatically control the circuit according to different pollution conditions and provide the corresponding plasma to the main body. This purifier can be used as an independent product as well as a modular option for products such as air conditioners. This type of air disinfection machine can not only effectively sterilize and disinfect, and quickly remove PM2.5, but it is also convenient for later maintenance. It only needs to clean the parts.
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