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What is the role of air purifier?

What is the role of air purifier?


With air pollution becoming more and more serious and people's higher demand for the quality of life, more and more people begin to pay close attention to the air quality problem. At the same time, the demand for air purifiers has also been increaseing. It has become a common choice to choose an air purifier to defend the environment they live in and protect the respiratory health of their families. Although many families have bought air purifiers, they may not have an intuitive feeling about the actual purification effect of the machine. Today's article will give us a better understanding of the effects of air purifiers and the role they can play in our lives.

First of all, an air purifier can effectively filter out air pollutants.

Now, many people will have respiratory problems, and the air with a large number of pollutants is one of the important causes of respiratory diseases. These pollutants are inhaled by people, then the body's organs, respiratory tract, lung and other will be more or less impacted. If people take in these harmful substances such as bacteria, dust, carbon dioxide, formaldehyde and other harmful substances in the process of breathing, that will cause an impact on human health. The air purifier is to filter the surrounding air efficiently through the filter screen, which can effectively remove pollutants in the air and ensure that the air becomes fresh and healthy.

Secondly, a good air purifier can filter out viruses and protect the health of family members.

For example, Funglan  Air Purifier has been proved by an authoritative third party organization that it can filter up to 99.99% of the H1N1 influenza virus with the size of 80 nanometers to 120 nanometers, which can filter pollutants with similar size to H1N1 influenza virus or other viruses.

Thirdly, according to relevant data, air purifiers can effectively prevent some sudden pollution problems.

Now sudden pollution events often occur, such as haze weather, new house decoration formaldehyde, automobile exhaust emissions and other problems, these gases cause great harm to human health, then now an air purifier can quickly filter out these toxic gases to preserve people's respiratory health.

Fourth, in many purchased users, there are a large proportion of the elderly and children at home. 

Many users who published experience posts show that air purifier has played particularly important role and they purchased it because of children and the elderly, which has become a rigid demand product. After using air purifiers, there was a marked improvement in air quality. And  the elderly and children can use it at will because of humanized design and simple and convenient operation, avoiding some difficulties in use and other problems.

Finally, what can a good air purifier product do? 

First of all, it can not only meet the needs of clean air users, but also provides a good use experience. Many users just check the purification rate and other parameters when buying, and don't pay attention to the use of products experience, including noise, appearance modelling size, and whether the experience problems such as easy to move, resulting in the process of using troubles, seriously affect the use of experience, indirectly caused the purification of the product does not meet due effect, Therefore, it is very important to choose a product with good experience.

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