What is the status of central air pollution in public places in China?

by:Funglan     2020-11-24
Information age, digital earth, central air pollution along with the progress of the era is becoming more and more widely applied to various fields. So we all know that everything is a weakness, is good for our life increased the warm and comfortable, relaxed, then due to long time no to central air-conditioning maintenance, maintenance and cleaning. Dust, airborne particles, the hem of the robe, pollen and so on attached to the central air conditioning ventilation pipe, central air conditioning system will cause legionella pollution to the air, and this has become an important public health problem. See this, we have easy to understand the importance of central air pollution problem, so small make up together with you to understand the present situation of our central air pollution in public places? With the central air conditioning air disinfector try! According to related survey: at present our country parts of more than 90% of the public use of central air conditioning, health the percent of pass is 47%. Main reason is that after the installation has never clean, this is also our well known. In what fields generally use more then? General wire one line, two lines, three lines in the city a bit more, like all kinds of shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, offices, meeting rooms and other public places are installed a large central air conditioning, now hospital, kindergarten, family, food, pharmaceutical, scientific research, companies, factories, Banks, such as the station have the installation of central air-conditioning. Then according to the understanding of China's ministry of health as early as 2004 on the domestic more than 60 cities in the central air conditioning sampling investigation, detection index for: air conditioning duct quantity of dust and dust content of fungi and bacteria, results show that health percent of pass is 6. 2%. According to 'central air-conditioning ventilation systems in public places health regulations stipulated by the evaluation standard, the most pollution sources in duct. Due to the central air conditioning clean need professional cleaning water, professional cleaning staff to clean up, so the cost is high. The market at present still save many central air pollution problems, the action is needed to overcome this problem. How to solve the public place of central air conditioning deposit overweight? ? Reduce all kinds of respiratory disease, caused by central air pollution is one of the top priority. 吗? In the face of the present status of the public place of central air pollution in China, has developed a new generation of semiconductor technology air disinfector, wash can be out, if install the central air conditioning air disinfector device, not only can solve the problem of part of the central air conditioning cleaning cost, but also the sterilization, purify the air. Age in progress lead to the development of industry at the same time, also can bring all sorts of pollution. What is the status of central air pollution in public places in China? As you know, just don't think it's necessary, or feel not so exaggerated, so he placed behind, even disappeared. Hope today's small make up a little ink can help people to better solve the problem of central air pollution, better to buy the central air conditioning, let us work together, believe that tomorrow will be better!
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