What is the use of negative ions in medical air purifiers?

by:Funglan     2021-03-25
As medical air purifiers are gradually accepted by everyone, there are more and more types and patterns of medical air purifiers. I believe that many friends have a lot of doubts about negative ions when buying medical air purifiers. This is because negative ions are invisible and intangible, so they naturally have no concept of negative ions. So what are negative ions? The charged particles formed after atoms lose or gain electrons are called ions, and negative ions are ions with one or more negative charges, also called 'anions'. For example, the ionic state of oxygen is generally an anion, also called negative oxygen ion. The positive and negative ions in the air are divided into large, medium and small ions according to their mobility. Among them, the small particle size negative oxygen ions have good biological activity and are easy to penetrate the human blood-brain barrier and enter the human body to exert their biological effects. Through the above understanding, we know that there are three types of negative ions, of which small particle size negative ions can exert their biological effects on the human body due to their characteristics. This has been widely used in medicine. As early as the 1990s, American RCA scientist Hamson invented the world's first medical air negative ion (negative oxygen ion) generator after years of research. Scientists in ion medicine research believe that the future of human health is 'negative ion medicine.' So what is the role of negative ions in our lives? To counteract the effects of smoking, high concentrations of negative ions can neutralize the effects of tobacco smoke on nasal mucosal cilia. The micron-sized cilia located in the trachea wiggle back and forth quickly to prevent pollutants and toxins from entering the fragile areas of the deep respiratory tract. The faster the cilia move, the better their protective effect. However, tobacco smoke slows down the movement of cilia and reduces the body's defense capabilities. Tests have shown that high concentrations of negative ions can restore nasal cilia to normal levels.
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