What problems should be paid attention to when using 'air purifier'

by:Funglan     2021-03-27
Air purifiers are welcomed by the public because of their remarkable purification effect. However, many users think that it is enough to buy the air purifier, install the filter, plug it in, and place it at will. From then on, the purifier was left unattended, which was wrong. What should I pay attention to when using an air purifier? Next, Royal Nordson will answer for you:    Things to pay attention to when using an air purifier-the details are as follows:    First of all, when placing the purifier, please choose a flat place. It is placed in an unstable or uneven place. The place where the air purifier is placed should be dry, ventilated, non-humid, and cannot be backed against any position. The air inlet of the purifier can be kept unobstructed only if the distance between the air inlet of the purifier and the wall is more than 20 cm. Secondly, at present, many air purifier products are designed with air outlets on the top, so users should also be careful not to put anything on the top of the purifier that may cause pressure on the purifier. , And do not touch the air inlet close up. When the purifier is running, it is best to keep the distance between the person and the air outlet of the purifier greater than 30cm.   Third, the purifier cannot be stacked with some household appliances including humidifiers to avoid the harm of noise or other resonance at the same frequency. Fourth, if you choose a filter air purifier, you should pay attention to cleaning and replacing the filter of the air purifier, usually every three to six months. To ensure the efficiency of the purifier.
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