What should be paid attention to when applying medical air disinfection machine?

by:Funglan     2021-04-01
Microorganisms (aerosols) attached to the surface of dust can be polarized into a charged aerosol surge when passing through a high-voltage electric field (the electric field strength is (8.5~10) kV/cm2), which quickly accumulates to the two poles and neutralizes the discharge . After the dust accumulates, the microorganisms are killed in the electric field to complete the sterilization and dust collection.   Precautions for the use of medical air sterilizers When using medical air sterilizers, be sure to stop without people. When the ozone concentration is low, it will irritate the eyes, nose, and throat; when the concentration reaches 1-15PPm, it will often show headaches and partial numbness of the respiratory organs. The ozone toxicity is also related to the contact time. Normal exposure does not reach the concentration below 20PPm. 2 hours.   no harm to human body. If you feel uncomfortable often, you can go outside to blow the air and breathe in new air. The scope of application of medical air sterilizer: hospital: operating room, delivery room, rebirth pediatrics, burn department, intensive care unit, treatment room, rescue room , Infusion rooms, etc., biology, pharmacy: sterile rooms, laboratories, batching rooms, etc., public places: securities trading halls, conference rooms, banks, nursing homes, kindergartens, etc.
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