What to pay attention to when buying central air conditioner air purifier

by:Funglan     2021-03-26
1. Don't blindly believe in product promotion. The huge business opportunities in the central air-conditioning purifier market have attracted many manufacturers to set foot in this field, and at the same time brought a lot of industry chaos. Consumers should master certain air purification knowledge before buying. Don't easily believe in the false advertisements of merchants. It is best to collect opinions from consumers, administrative departments, manufacturers and professionals who have been randomly selected before making a choice. 2. Purchase reasonably according to your own situation and room needs. At present, there are medical-grade and household-grade purifiers in the central air-conditioning purifier market, which are classified according to their levels. There are disinfection and sterilization, dust removal, killing viruses and harmful microorganisms, etc. according to the types of purification. It is also necessary to pay attention to the purchase of different purification The purification area of u200bu200bthe device is also different. Consumers should choose according to their actual needs and the size of the area used. 3. To understand clearly the life cycle of the filter and the cost incurred. In order to ensure the quality of air purification, most of the central air-conditioning purifiers currently on the market need to be replaced or cleaned after a period of use. If they are not replaced for a long time, they will easily generate ozone and cause harm to human health. Due to the different types of filters and different purification functions, their service life and replacement prices are even more different. Therefore, it is necessary for consumers to understand the service life and subsequent costs of the air purifier filter before purchasing. 4. Purchase products with complete labels through formal channels. Some consumers prefer foreign brands when buying goods, but they feel that the imported central air-conditioning purifiers imported through formal channels are expensive, so they find ways to buy them. Once the products purchased through these channels have quality problems, the warranty may become problem.
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