Which brand of air purifier is good for removing second-hand smoke?

by:Funglan     2022-01-14
Second-hand smoke is an air environment problem that many families cannot avoid. For long-term smokers, quitting smoking, such as drug addiction, is very difficult, but family members become victims of second-hand smoke. Many people scoff at the harm of second-hand smoke, thinking that so many people who have smoked first-hand smoke for so many years are fine. Don't exaggerate how harmful second-hand smoke can be. Is the harm of secondhand smoke really 'exaggerated eproductive failure, etc. Among them, second-hand smoke is no less harmful to passive smokers than active smokers, especially to children. The survey shows that in China, the main victims of passive smoking are women and children. Although they do not smoke themselves, they are often exposed to second-hand smoke from others at home and in public places. In addition, workplaces, conference venues, etc., are often places where second-hand smoke is rampant. Although not directly smoking cigarettes, but inhalation can still cause harm to the body. In addition to the second-hand smoke air purifier, which brand is the best? Considering the overall reputation of the current market, our series has a good reputation and is deeply loved by many users. Our company's special air purifier for smoking room, the cigarette divider can form a negative pressure area in a large area around the fence-type honeycomb smoking hole, and inhale the cigarette smoke into the purifier in time to purify, and the clean air is discharged from the bottom, so as not to let the smoke Escape into non-smoking areas. Humanized design, dynamic purification, efficient smoke removal and sterilization, allowing smokers to rest within the effective range without polluting the surrounding air. There is no need to install any smoke exhaust pipes, and it does not affect the overall appearance of the environment. In addition to purifying second-hand smoke, it also has all the functions of general commercial air purifiers, especially suitable for rooms with inconvenient ventilation and air conditioning. Built-in high-voltage electrostatic field (electronic dust chamber) + laminar flow filter + activated carbon adsorption + negative oxygen ion function, can completely eliminate cigarette smoke, bacteria, floating dust and other harmful substances in the air with a diameter of 0.01um, effectively remove air pollution Smell, peculiar smell, etc., so that the air filtration effect is more than 98%.
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