Why do duck farm use dynamic plasma air sterilization machine

by:Funglan     2020-10-24
Why do duck farm use dynamic plasma sterilizer summer climate is dry, become unbearably hot air duck for travel launching time long easy to move around, so are more likely to develop disease, in order to reduce the rate of sick ducks, duck farm to duck the health protection work, to prevent a large number of bacteria breeding, affect the health of the ducks. We should be clear that the flu transmission speed and harmfulness. In the process of conventional breeding, simply cleaning the duck, then feed the ducks antibiotics and vaccines, this way is not scientific. Infection, in addition to prevent the duck out more crucially ducks floor air disinfection and purification. If used on the floor is full of bacteria and harmful microorganisms in the air, the duck can also get sick, do not solve the pollution source, feed antibiotics and vaccines, can only be index solution not effect a permanent cure. And use chemicals too much will not only damage the duck calcium absorption ability, to the edible can also cause some damage. So, in order to better breeding duck and protection of human health, scientific breeding should not be ignored. Fudan university's research shows that jiangsu children generally have a veterinary antibiotics in the body, may be the cause of childhood obesity. Environmental science and technology, the dynamic plasma air sterilization machine small make up recommend in duck installation using semiconductor technology of dynamic plasma air sterilization machine. Using dynamic plasma air sterilization machine, let the air flow circulation will make farming relative bacteria under the action of coulomb electrolysis and adsorption on the plasma electrostatic board. Under E v voltage at the same time, the coating surface can release an appropriate amount of ozone, ozone gas is a kind of broad-spectrum sterilization, ozone can be first with a smell coming from the waste material from the duck decomposition, can get rid of the stink effectively, when the odor removal to a certain degree, can smell the ozone, slightly relative space of escherichia coli, staphylococcus aureus, the bird flu virus and other basic kill harmful bacteria and viruses. Dynamic plasma air sterilization machine adopts imported sensor technology and intelligent control system is set to realize automatic startup/shutdown, no need manual operation, no harm to human body, can avoid secondary pollution. Dynamic plasma air sterilization machine man-machine coexist, without waiting for sanitized again into the duck, boot disinfection can also work. Duck in the feed box, water fountain, brood heating equipment, such as egg box goes on an sterilized before use. Through a lot of field application, the dynamic plasma air sterilization machine effectively curb the poultry diseases occur, guarantee the survival rate and promote the healthy growth of poultry, economic benefit and social effect is remarkable. Still worry about sorching summer bird flu? To air purification disinfection vendors would look, there are all sorts of styles, models, prices and technology of air disinfection purification products for you to choose. The semiconductor air sterilizer, such as: Wall/wall-mountable, type/ceiling type suction a top/embedded, cabinet/mobile/made cabinet) , plasma air purifier ( The wind cabinet/pipeline inlet /) Combination of technology such as, don't need to worry, don't have to worry about, just to the factory last is reliable. If you have any question, welcome to inquire this hotline 24 hours uninterrupted service!
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