Why Edda Air technology is better than other air purifiers on the market

by:Funglan     2022-01-25
Edda Air plasma air proposes a solution for purifying fresh air. Not only can indoor PM2.5 be reduced. It can also use the principle of decomposition and oxidation of positive and negative ions. Remove the polluting gas from the fresh air introduced outdoors. In the selection of purification equipment, considering the circulating air volume, installation conditions, and pollutant concentration of commercial projects, small purification systems can have a good purification effect in a small area. Special places such as medical treatment, military, schools, financial institutions, etc., long need to remove certain or certain kinds of special gas pollutants in a targeted manner. Formalin solution for medical use. Formaldehyde solution, volatile, has an impact on human health. Due to the corrosion of acid gas, the archives in the library will be kept for a shorter period of time, and it is necessary to maintain the ability to remove toxic and harmful gases in military facilities.

Municipal service facilities all have the characteristics of covering a wide area, accommodating a large population or treating a large amount of processing capacity, and are prone to produce odorous gases. Or there may be poor ventilation due to the large number of people. The problem of poor indoor air quality. And this is the traditional way of absorbing or simply increasing the amount of air circulation, which has been unable to solve. In petrochemical, refining, papermaking, printing and dyeing, and other industrial fields, the pollutants are not the same. According to the form of pollutants, it can be divided into particulate pollutants and gas pollutants. Particulate pollutants include dust, smoke, fog, coal dust, etc. Gas pollutants include sulfur-containing compounds, nitrogen-containing compounds, carbon oxides, hydrocarbons, and oxychloride compounds. Most of these pollutants are irritating or corrosive, directly harm human health, and can corrode the surface of equipment and even internal circuits and components .

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