Wind ultraviolet air disinfection machine helps circulatory children grow

by:Funglan     2021-03-28
Wind ultraviolet air sterilizer to help children grow up in circulation is an air sterilizer manufacturer, and its customer base includes many groups from babies to the elderly. Always adhere to the innovative development concept, continue to develop and produce better products. Continuously expand the domestic market, develop abroad, and face the world with its core technology. Children in the growth stage are not highly immune and are extremely vulnerable to environmental influences. Children are in the stage of intellectual enlightenment, and their hygiene awareness is not perfect. Germs in life are everywhere, and parents cannot guard their children at all times. The health of children has always been a concern for parents. Especially those that are invisibly endangering children's health, so parents can't prevent them. The developed and produced circulating wind ultraviolet air disinfection function can purify the air, kill germs, and provide a comfortable environment for children! The circulating wind ultraviolet air sterilizer developed and produced uses a variety of air purification methods to reduce dust particles in the air. This machine adopts our company's independent research and development for air purification with low resistance, large ventilation, large dust holding capacity and high filtration efficiency ( Primary effect + intermediate effect + activated carbon + photocatalyst) composite filter. The super-strong ultraviolet lamp is installed on the windward side of the composite filter (initial effect + intermediate effect + activated carbon + photocatalyst). It has two functions: one is to instantly kill bacteria in the flowing air, and the other is to remove the adsorption and stay on the intermediate filter The bacteria thus inhibit the reproduction of bacteria in the filter system. The circulating wind ultraviolet disinfection machine developed and produced has a sterilization rate of up to 99%, which can effectively eliminate germs in the air and provide a good living environment for children. Honesty can serve you!
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