With the air disinfector, no longer be afraid of smog!

by:Funglan     2021-03-04
With the air disinfection machine, no longer be afraid of smog! Not long ago, the Central Meteorological Observatory issued an orange double warning of smog, mainly in Beijing, where the air has reached a severe pollution level of six. The smog is so severe that all elementary and middle schools in Tianjin and Beijing have closed for holidays. In addition to Beijing, all parts of the country are also welcoming the smog to varying degrees. There are real-time topics about smog in various places on Weibo, such as smog in Beijing and smog in Hunan. Netizens have joked that China has been occupied by smog. Many netizens have posted pictures of local smog, indicating the same China and the same smog. Indeed, the recent winter haze is really serious. More and more people don’t even use disposable masks. Instead, they choose more anti-smog masks. Severe smog is one aspect, and more importantly, it is against the fog. As a result, the demand for air disinfection machines on the market has also begun to increase due to the protection of haze. Among them, Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. has been recognized by consumers for its high quality, complete variety and high-quality air disinfection machines. Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. is a collection of wall-mounted mobile vertical cabinet type ceiling ceiling embedded air disinfection machine (http:///), medical air disinfection machine, ultraviolet air sterilizer, medical plasma air sterilizer, air purification disinfection machine, laminar flow purification A specialized company integrating the development, production, sales, installation and after-sales service of sterilizers, dynamic and static air sterilizers, medical circulating wind ultraviolet sterilizers, and plasma sterilizers. The company's products are complete, divided into multiple products and multiple series, including medical, ultraviolet, plasma and other aspects. The use of different series of sterilizers also covers the above-mentioned wall-mounted, mobile, closet, ceiling and other structures. It meets the needs of different enterprises and different occasions for the use of air disinfection machines. is actually a machine for air disinfection and sterilization. Generally, in addition to killing bacteria, viruses, molds, spores and other so-called sterilization and disinfection, some models can also remove formaldehyde, phenol and other organic pollutants in the indoor air. It can also kill or filter allergens such as pollen. At the same time, it can effectively remove the smoke and smoke generated by smoking, the bad smell of the toilet, and the human body odor. The air disinfection machine developed by Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. uses high-pressure plasma and ultraviolet disinfection, which can not only effectively kill harmful bacteria in the air, including some pathogenic bacteria spread through disease, but also achieve no residual disinfection factors. The elimination rate of natural bacteria in the air reached more than 90%, and the elimination rate of Staphylococcus albicans reached 99.9%. In addition, the air sterilizer developed by Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. has many characteristics such as large dust holding capacity, large ventilation capacity, low resistance, and high filtration efficiency. The LCD operation monitoring system is adopted to realize multiple intelligent functions such as automatic power on and off, display when work is tired, and automatic fault alarm, which can truly give users peace of mind. The haze is still going on, choose an air disinfector, choose fresh and healthy air! More air disinfection machines click: http:///
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