Working principle of Gansu vertical cabinet type dynamic air disinfection machine-lanzhou vertical cabinet type air disinfection machine manufacturer-industry news

by:Funglan     2021-03-26
The working principle of Gansu vertical cabinet type dynamic air disinfection machine-Lanzhou vertical cabinet type air disinfection machine manufacturer provides intelligent vertical dynamic air disinfection machine ''. The vertical cabinet type human-machine coexistence air disinfector or the vertical cabinet human-machine coexistence air disinfection machine solves the continuous air purification and disinfection of the occupied room, and realizes the intelligent dynamic operation. The vertical cabinet-type dynamic air disinfection machine has a maximum air supply distance of 15m, a maximum applicable volume of 150 cubic meters, and an applicable area of u200bu200b50 square meters. The user can look for the brand closet dynamic air disinfection machine to buy. The following introduces the working principle of the cabinet type dynamic air disinfection machine. The working principle of the vertical cabinet type air dynamic disinfection machine (the vertical cabinet type multifunctional air sterilizer): the centrifugal fan draws part of the dirty air in the disinfection environment into the disinfection machine; the large and small dust in the air is filtered through the multi-layer filter; through the disinfection machine The high-pressure plasma inside the cavity decomposes and destroys bacteria in the flowing air, and at the same time combines high-intensity ultraviolet ray sterilization; returns the clean air that has been filtered out of dust and bacteria to the room, and the clean air circulates and pulses quickly to achieve a human environment The purpose of air purification and sterilization. For more dynamic air disinfection machines, please check: As an old brand supplier of Lanzhou high-tech vertical cabinet-type UV air disinfection machines, we are constantly increasing research and development efforts, striving for perfection, and developing more and better vertical cabinet-type cabinets Plasma air sterilizer meets the growing market and different places of use. With the development of the market, it is believed that the vertical cabinet air sterilizer will be known and used by more consumers, and can appreciate the practicality and value of the vertical cabinet air disinfection machine.
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