Yesterday, today and tomorrow ten surface haze v?

by:Funglan     2020-11-24
According to the small make up to know, related meteorological station forecast yesterday said it has affected by cold air, Beijing is short of the blue sky white clouds beautiful scenery for a week and two days, as cold air disperse haze and reported back to the capital, and ten surface haze v. Beijing faces haze military invasion, the city people to pray for the cold air reinforcements coming soon, to save the people in the city out of the haze. Frequent haze army invaded our country many provinces last year, this year may not release PM2 around again. 5 micro grain pests, so far only cold air this army justice can drive away the haze army. So in the face of yesterday, today and tomorrow, day after day ten surface haze v? Always waiting for the cold air reinforcements arrived also is not a long-term solution, then waiting for at the same time we ever thought about starting for haze or plan? For example: how to prevent the ash haze enter indoor scattered around? How to reduce the ash haze is harm for our health? Use what equipment can remove indoor residual grey haze? It is understood that nanjing using artificial rainfall to disperse the haze, but it is not a long-term solution, so the key is to civil action with energy conservation and emissions reduction, protect the environment. Face serious fog for to the people can we do? First we out less, especially the serious air pollution had better stay at home. Avoid the ash haze into indoor is scattered, prevent the ash haze suction nose lung frequently washing to keep health. Secondly reduced outdoor exercise, moderate indoor exercise, enhanced physique. Do not ash haze weather pollution of aerobic exercise, outdoor cause obstructive bronchus asthma, chronic bronchitis, emphysema and chronic respiratory diseases such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and aggravate the easily lead to high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, asthma, increased morbidity and mortality. Then pay attention to the serious pollution haze weather, open Windows and doors closed indoor central air conditioning to keep indoor air ventilation, but if conditional word can install the central air conditioning air disinfector sterilization purify air, residual gray haze particles and removing indoor harmful gas. If you want all indoor space can have fresh air, can be installed in the central air conditioning, central air conditioning air disinfector device does not occupy a space, and use a wide range. The last is to pay attention to is to regular balanced diet, pay attention to rest is good for health. Drink water more, eat less spicy food, light priority after vitamin shield. Whatever yesterday, today, tomorrow, in short 10 surface haze is known to all. Have the courage to face, have the courage to challenge, have the courage to move forward everything is not a problem. Believe that everything is short, is eternal light. Gray haze has come, we will give myself when the holiday at home to have a rest. The blue sky white clouds still so beautiful, I hope our country will realize haze plan, let we live in the earth through the blue sky white clouds sunlight, health and happiness always around us!
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